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Get Your Trademark Registered By Professionals

Apply for trademark at Delom and protect your name and logo from unauthorized usage

Undertaking meticulous research and assessment to file original word-marks, logos or punchlines under Trade mark. A Trademark is essentially a brand name. It may consist of a word, name, combination of words or names or a symbol used to identify and also differentiate goods/ services produced/ provided by one seller from those offered by other sellers. It is also used to indicate the source of the commodities.

Delom is a place that can enable you to understand whether, when, how, and why you should register a Trademark. We will also help you have a clear understanding of how Trademarks differ from other aspects of Intellectual Property namely; Patents, Copyrights, and Industrial Designs.

Registrable Trademarks

For a Trademark to be registrable, it must have a distinctive character and must also perform the primary Trademark function. Registrability is a continuum with intrinsically distinctive marks as well as indistinct descriptive/ generic marks at both ends. Additionally, the two points must consist of arbitrary/ suggestive marks lying in between them. To be protectable, the descriptive marks ought to acquire distinctiveness via secondary meaning.

Trademarks can be broadly classified into five categories, and each of the categories is given different levels of protection. The categories are; fanciful marks, generic terms, arbitrary marks, descriptive marks and suggestive marks.

Non-Registrable Trademarks

You would definitely want to use a Trademark to differentiate your services/ products from competitors’ commodities. Legally, your application for Trademark registration may be denied in certain cases. If your application is turned down, the implication is that your sign would not be registered.

A Trademark is considered non-registrable if the sign contravenes morality and public order, is clearly descriptive, contravenes other IP (intellectual property rights) or lacks distinctive character. A Trademark is also non-registrable if it is deceptive or is an official emblem such as a coat of arms or flag.