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Bringing job seekers and employers together

Facing a shortage of qualified talent and increased competition from both local and remote employers, HR and recruiting professionals may opt to expand their pool of potential candidates to a wider geographic area, adopt a strong pipeline recruiting strategy, improve the screening process, and improve the candidate experience.

In doing so, HR and recruiting professionals may become overextended, creating breaks in the candidate experience and delays in filling high priority jobs. The right recruiting services partner is critical. With years of experience and experts who are nationally focused — not tied to a specific locality or region — Delom is prepared to help you find top talent across industries and locations.

Partnering with Delom can help you avoid potential recruiting pitfalls and bolster your workforce — all while pursuing strategic growth. With the appropriate support, you can improve the candidate and hiring manager experience, shorten time to hire, and match ideal candidates — in terms of both skill and cultural fit. Altogether, these efforts will help improve retention and the internal perception of the recruiting process by delivering timely responses and solid candidates.

Contract Staffing

Temporary Hiring is one of the most popular staffing services we offer as part of our HR outsourcing services. Delom solutions provides professionals with essential abilities who work dedicatedly for your organization for the stipulated contractual period, whether you need workers for a short-term or long-term assignment, a temporary project, or to substitute employees who are on temporary leave. What makes us the finest in the market is our ability to supply results-oriented professionals for your specific staffing needs.

To Hire Contract

In some circumstances, you may anticipate a long-term need for specific labor but are unsure whether to acquire temporary or permanent employees. Delom solution's Temp-to-Hire services enable you to hire temporary employees for a set length of time with the option of converting them to permanent employees.

Employed Directly

When clients require full-time workers with a long-term commitment, they typically choose our Direct Hire staffing services. This aids them in making a strategic choice of the best talent after a thorough screening. Our experts communicate with you to learn about your specific needs and then hunt for the best talent to meet them. Our HR professionals work hard to find you the most passionate and qualified personnel possible, as well as applicants who are a good fit for your company's culture and future goals.


When you want to go beyond simply paying your staff a paycheck, Delom solutions can help you gain fresh business insights and focus on what you do best: operating your own company. Our payroll management services will help you improve your human resources management. We realize how critical it is for your company's payroll administration processes to be error-free. Your company can benefit from a speedy and accurate payroll process with our wide range of services. This change can be aided by effective payroll management. If you don't want to manage all of your payroll operations in-house, consider outsourcing payroll to a reputable company like Delom solutions. We offer a better and more efficient payroll management method for your company as a dependable payroll outsourcing firm.