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We offer end-to-end payroll processing services through a state-of-the-art, web-enabled payroll solution with a special focus on security and confidentiality management.

Payroll is an important and integral department of any organization. The payroll department is responsible not only for managing employees’ salaries and compensation packages, but also for ensuring timely compliance with various legislations in accordance with the respective laws and acts to protect the company’s reputation.

We provide a one-stop shop for managing end-to-end payroll services of local employees and expats, handling tax and statutory compliances, labor compliance and payroll consulting services for our clients.

The primary business goals to support outsourced payroll service for local employees and expats are listed below:

  • Consolidated payroll process for local and expats
  • Scalability and seamless operation
  • Standardized, simplified and automated payroll process
  • Cost optimisation  
  • Meeting tax and statutory compliances

Delom has the expertise, experience, and technology capabilities to offer end-to-end payroll processing services to Fortune 500 companies as well as mid-sized companies. We use state-of-the-art accounting software that complements the professional competence of our payroll processing team to give our clients 100% accurate and customized services. For maximum transparency and security, all production activities are undertaken from the client's portal. We also provide remote processing of fund allocation from the client's desktop according to requirements.

Incorrect or late payroll processing or incorrect tax calculations or deductions can attract penalties from the government. This will be prevented by engaging the payroll processing services of Delom, which are always timely, consistent, and accurate.