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Plug into our energy and watch your world accelerate.

Some businesses do better with their own office space. Somewhere you can post your plans for world domination away from prying eyes.

No matter if you need a few square meters or a few hundred square meters, Spaces can provide you with a perfectly sized environment for you and your team. Set it up the way that works for you and settle in knowing you can access your secure space 24/7 – with full access to the working space during regular business hours. And because we know how quickly business can change, we’ll never ask you to sign your life away – our contract terms are flexible and tailored to your specific needs.

Dedicated Desk. Dream offices even if you don't like offices.

Even if your company is limited to one, and when actually all you need is your own desk for your computer and screen and a more focused environment than our working space. Our custom solution is the dedicated desk which has the same benefits as our membership. In an office shared with others, you’ll have your own personal desk. It even comes with a cupboard, locker and those small little post-its we know you like. Of course, we are not forgetting the internet and 24hour access. Because we understand that some work should not be limited by business hours.

Virtual Office.

Four flexible and innovative solutions to support your business growth, wherever and whenever you need it. With our Telephone Answering services we manage and forward your calls. With a Professional Address you get a top-notch address and mail handling. The Virtual Office includes all of the above, plus access to our coworking spaces and networking events. The Virtual Office Plus adds to the above a private office or dedicated desk 5 days a month.

Meeting Rooms.

Planning an off-site meeting, mind-mapping session or seminar? Space has the space you need. Book one of our meeting rooms designed to keep your team or your clients comfortable, creative and focused, and our staff will ensure you have everything you need. From audiovisual equipment and whiteboards to food and beverage service – we’ve got you covered. We know that sometimes getting out of your everyday environment is just what people need to get their creative juices flowing, meeting rooms are open to members and non-members.