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Corporate Secretarial Services

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Comprehensive Corporate Secretarial Services – Delivered Flexibly and Consistently

Managing overseas entities and ensuring they remain in good standing can be a challenge and we help navigate the complexity. Legal structures and regulatory processes differ greatly from one jurisdiction to another. Cross-border businesses and transactions often find themselves lost in the maze of local company law and regulation governing the creation, management and control of legal entities.

Delom’s comprehensive international corporate secretarial services – delivered flexibly and consistently worldwide – transform the confusion into simple, transparent, controlled compliance across any number of jurisdictions. Our global network, including thousands of expert company secretaries, lawyers and paralegals, gives you an insider’s understanding of more than 80 jurisdictions.

As world leaders in cross-border company formation, we take care of all the unfamiliar procedures, obligations and administrative details while you focus on the business.

We even tackle the host of post-incorporation compliance tasks, including registrations for chambers of commerce, business licensing, social security, pensions and payroll tax – any of which can stop a new business in its tracks.

When it comes to keeping entities in good standing year-round – a struggle for even the largest international company, especially in the remote corners of your operations – we can do it all, everywhere:

  • filing annual accounts and tax returns with local authorities
  • completing standard legal procedures for directorships, shareholders, entity names and registered addresses
  • drafting customary legal documents
  • managing communications with investors and employees
  • maintenance of books and records
  • constant tracking of entity registrations and compliance deadlines
  • alerts for local regulatory and legal changes.

Our global secretarial services offerings

We have a team of over 4000 experts around the globe who are on hand to help you achieve your goals, whilst alleviating the stress, meaning you can concentrate on maximizing profit.

Let us remove the burden of keeping up-to-speed with changing rules and regulations. We can help you satisfy internal pressures so your teams can keep focused on the areas where they add the most value