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Audit Coordination Services

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Effective and Accurate Account Coordination Services That Your Business Needs

The audit can be a quite complicated process to complete. Basically, this audit is done to reduce errors in the company’s financial statements and possible occurrences of fraud. It is a very important type of audit and must be done to ensure that the company reaches a set standard of rules and regulations. Audit is conducted by paying due attention to the regulations of the Tax Authority. To conduct an audit properly, it is essential that such a company has a high understanding of its requirements starting the process. Delom fulfills your Audit requirements.

Audit Coordination Services

Delom Services' accounting professionals have worked closely with our partners' audit firms to develop interim and period end reporting that is informative, GAAP compliant and responsive to each of our partners' business requirements. The active involvement of our accounting team in the coordination of the annual audits of our partners' programs has both streamlined the process and resulted in the significant reduction of audit fees. Services offered to our partners include:

  • Individual corporate and consolidated unaudited interim financial statements produced on a monthly or period end basis. 
  • Interim schedules are completed and submitted to the audit team upon request. 
  • Coordination of the annual audit includes the preparation of required audit schedules and confirmations.  
  • Timely response to all audit requests and the submission of supporting documentation. 
  • Year-end financial statements, supporting schedules and footnotes are submitted to the audit committee for comments and review. All comments and recommended changes received from the auditors are discussed with your company's audit committee and management team prior to being incorporated into the financial statements.

Why Choose Delom For Your Auditing Services?


Financial statements are the main source of accountability of management performance by the shareholders. Relying on external verification by auditors, shareholders will gain reasonable assurance that the accounts are free from material misstatements and can therefore be relied upon to represent a true and fair view of the affairs of the company.


Apart from the needs of owners, other users of financial statements may need to place reliance on the financial statements. An External audit is a means of providing a reasonable basis for the users to place reliance on financial statements.


The scope of an audit is tailored to provide a reasonable level of assurance, and to avoid excessive time and cost  that may outweigh any benefit that may be derived from enhanced assurance.